A Winter Park Housewife Candle
Swan City

A Winter Park Housewife Candle

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Take your nose on a journey through scents inspired by Orlando places and things such as a Winter Park Housewife:

Take a big whiff - it’s the notorious ladies of Park Ave. Always scented with a hint of lycra yoga pants, the lingering of a Tuesday brunch with mimosas, and the eternal hate fire sparked by their husbands golfing. It is a scent you cannot miss.

Note Profile:
Top: Floral Potpurri
Middle: Park Ave, Mimosas, Shopping
Base: Old Money, Lakes, Mansions

Each candle is made of 100% soy with a 100% cotton wick. They are all hand poured in the Swan City nest and come in hexagonal glass jars holding 6 oz of heavenly scent. Don't be deceived by their small size because these candles burn for around 30 hours!


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