Peacefully Protest

The Orlando community needs to continue to come together and show that we want justice. Protests are aimed to be peaceful and we have outlined ways to keep it that way. To stay updated on all of the local protests follow @JusticeforGeorgeOrlando


  • Respect yourself, everyone else, and the memory of the victims
  • Bring positive energy, good music, and uplifting chants
  • No drinking or smoking
  • No antagonizing or provoking the police
  • No destruction of any kind
  • No violence, only self-defense
  • Respect the mic
  • If you see something wrong, tell your group leader
  • Protect yourself and everyone else


  • Wear a mask at all times
  • No weapons of any kind
  • No throwing any items including water bottles, rocks, etc
  • Follow directions given by group leaders
  • Pick up your trash and any trash you see even if it is not yours
  • Stay with the crowd

If you need Orlando Bail Support: 731-327-0817

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